Thanks for visiting my new webpage! I only have a few things up so far: some material on light pollution, a link to my Mathematica blog, and a few things I wrote on The Lord of the Rings Online game.

I have quite a few hobbies and interests, including astronomy, programming, data analysis, and strategic board and video games, among other things. I’m a big fan of Mathematica, and have converted several of my Matlab-preferring friends to the wonders of Wolfram’s Language; you’ll find my blog linked on the left. I’d like to bring that blog over to this page someday, but at any rate stay tuned for more content!

Why Neutrino Ninja?

I have a Physics M.S. in experimental high energy particle physics as part of the MINERvA Experiment, and neutrinos are still near and dear to me. I continue to enjoy reading up on the field of high energy physics and hope to find a career there someday!