Essence Guide


For each of the classes listed below, it should go without saying that Tactical and Physical Mitigation are capped if you are interested at all in progressing toward Tier 2 instances. Most of the other things are icing on the cake, because who cares what your DPS is if one hit finishes you off?


The Beorning is a fun class to run, but it comes with a few annoyances. I have to say that the class feels “unfinished” in a number of ways, including the fact that most of the epic quest line from level 60+ does not include any medium might-based gear. The class has been out for a few years now, I’m not sure what the devs are waiting for. At any rate, it is challenging to keep up with nice gear in the Beorning as you level up, unless you are using crafted gear. This doesn’t really have anything to do with essence choices, but I thought that I would mention it because you may choose to go with socketed armor earlier with the Beorning because of lack of “free” armor from quests.

At any rate, Might is the key stat here, and gives you Physical Mastery, along with other things. Surprisingly, Agility isn’t that bad of a stat either, offering 6 points of Physical Mastery to the 8 of Might. Agility adds a point of Critical Rating, while Might adds 6 points of Tactical Mastery. Maybe those medium Agility armor sets aren’t that bad, after all. Now, if you’re going for a DPS build, you’ll want lots and lots of Physical Mastery, along with a bit of Morale to keep you alive. I have not struggled with defeat in this class as much as with the Rune Keeper, partially due to the Beorning’s medium armor, but probably also because this class has some built-in survivability stuff in the red trait tree (morale return when attacking from behind, for example). So maybe Morale isn’t quite as critical as with the Rune-keeper (you’re still going to want a lot of it though).

In a healing/tank build, obviously Morale is a big deal, and you’re going to want some Evasion and Resistance. Fate is also not a bad stat, offering Critical Rating and In-Combat Morale Regen.


When run as a pure DPS class (red or blue trait lines), the Hunter’s skills benefit most from Agility and Physical Mastery. But what good is damage if you’re not alive to use it? Morale and Mitigations are essential with this class, especially because the hunter does not have a lot of heals. For this reason, Fate is an excellent stat to add as well. It gives in-combat MoraleĀ andĀ Power regen, which is essential for those drawn-out conflicts. Unfortunately this creates a trade off: by adding lots of Fate essences you are taking away from some of your damage potential. Choose wisely; no one wants a weak Hunter, but of course no one wants a dead Hunter either!


The Rune-keeper is my favorite class, and the first one that I capped. It is Will-based, as each point of Will gives 8 points of Tactical Mastery. My recommendation is to get as much Will and Tactical Mastery as possible, as these boost both damage and healing. Morale is another important stat; in my experience 20-22k morale is minimum and 25k+ is close to essential for any Tier 2 work. Focus on Morale essences instead of Vitality; Resistance isn’t that useful of a stat; it’s merely a chance to resist corruptions, and Non-Combat Morale regen isn’t that important for a squishy light armor class that can heal itself. Try for 30k Morale if you can; you are a light armor class and have less mitigation than a Hunter or Beorning.

I currently feel that a healing build is not much different from a DPS build. In both cases you want that Tactical Mastery, as well as Morale. Finesse is really nice to have for DPS, so that is an option in your build. Physical Mastery is of course unnecessary for either build; your skils are 100% Tactical. I have a hard time recommending Fate because there’s no Tactical Mastery; if you are running the yellow trait tree you may feel differently because of the Critical Rating involved. The In-Combat Morale Regen is nice too, of course.