Featured Instance Armor

My Beorning, Sveinleif, has been level 105 for awhile now, and I had to pick from all the armor options for him. I ended up choosing the Featured Instance armor pieces, which are acquired in random drops by completing the Featured Instance of the week. These have a nice primary stat, along with a healthy amount of morale and two additional stats. For example, my Ancient Rift-Reaper’s Helm comes with +201 Might, +652 Morale, +1599 Physical Mitigation, and +799 Evade rating.

My favorite part of the armor is it’s only 2-socketed! I hate the intense grind to get the maxed-out essences, and with 2 sockets I only need to obtain half the number of essences. Those two additional stats on the armor give me enough Mitigation that I don’t worry too much about needing extra essences for Mits.

Those Ithilien essences are pretty difficult to obtain, so I may end up going with Tier 8 supremes for a lot of them, instead.

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