Sveinleif made it to 100!

Yesterday I was running around Osgiliath with Erkenbrand’s 105 Guardian, taking down all sorts of mobs and working closer to those slayer deeds. In the course of the afternoon I made it to 100 with my Beorning, and we outfitted him with medium 3-slot morale/fate armor (thanks for the essences, Erkenbrand!). I have been upset that the game devs left medium might armor out of epic quests in levels 60-100; thankfully my kin has some good crafters who managed to keep my gear more or less up-to-date.

My current strategy for the Beorning is to run him as a DPS class until 105, and then possibly as more of a tank depending on the needs of the kin. As I mention in the essence guide, there is a bit of difference in choice of essences for a Beorning, depending on what you want to do with him. I chose mostly Might, Mitigations, and Morale/Vitality this time; if I go tank in the future I’ll do more Parry/Evade/Resistance/Morale. I’m still looking around for a Blemished Symbol of the Elder King to get a level 100 First Age weapon. But I also need to figure out whether a one-handed or two-handed weapon is best. Google is not being so helpful.

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